Big dump. It was coming with all the new money coming into the market. Whales licked their lips at the prospect of dumping on retail tourists entering the market as a result of the Coinbase IPO. It was nasty. …

Stages of cycle — as to who is buying, and who is selling?

“What are people gonna like, that are currently deploying money?”

Frontrun, before they know that they want that shitcoin.

Then exit, when they think they’re a genius.

As the cycle goes on, and more retail comes in…

It’s not just UpOnly. Consolidate your gains, so that you don’t get rekky rekt.

It also means there’s 0 stress. It’s all just memes, dreams, and finding gd coins to make more memes.

That’s lit it. Just don’t get ape greedy. Just get some coin, sell about enough to get you home and dry, so that whatever happens, even if the market takes a dump on your lap, u still got dough in the bank to make it thru the bear cycle.

Fei. What did we learn?

Don’t go into something without understanding what the fuck it is. And how it works. It doesn’t matter who’s backing the project. You’re playing with other players. Pigs get fcked.

Commit position sizes reflective of your understanding and confidence in the project, rather than just…


Look at xdai — many applications sticking with solid fundamentals, which xdai has, xdai works, and it is ready now. So it could be one to get onboard right now.

Bitcoin is having a rough time breaking 60k with all the bullish news that is going on, VISA etc…

Sooo interesting

This guy speaks with such confidence, about absolute bullshit. When people speak with confidence, that doesn’t mean that they know they are right. They are just confident about being right. But confidence doesn’t mean shit when people are dumb, or they have misconceived of a certain situation…

A good mindset

What is my exit plan?

Well it involved having enough to not have to work for the next 3 years (the upcoming bear market), if I didn’t want to. I could then take these next three years to travel and learn, in time for the big push…

elephant elephant

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