In other words, meme magic is real..

What people value runs on stories. And when the story changes, what people value changes. Suddenly, after years of rockbottom interest rates, people ditch their dollars for internet money, with a mathematically limited supply.


Because it “feels” like the world has changed since pre-lockdown. And so, people treat things that way. They see the rising parabola, worry that they will be left in the dust, and put their life savings into it. People can’t spend their dollars quick enough.

They no longer trust government. The government is powerless in this scenario. And around them, they see other governments filling their balance sheets with bitcoin. The writing is on the wall.

You don’t need a big team to have a huge impact

It also shows the power of code. With code, you can leverage the power of a computer, and the enormity of functions it can perform.

Binance is having issues

I’m not sure I like what Binance is doing. They’re a bit too mischievous for my liking. Not sure I trust them. Touch wood, if funds are safe okay, then basically putting them on trezor (or putting BTC/ETH) on a trezor seems the way to go. Not sure if I can store my ocean on there, but certainly another exchange. Keeping funds on an exchange seems like a recipe for disaster.

Put funds into cold storage. Or lose crypto.