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2 min readMar 3, 2021


Compound Finance and Compound Chain

Compound Finance are building compound chain. The interesting thing is that they are building on substrate. That opens the door to them one day being a polkadot parachain the future.


Quant Incoming

When this

Zhusu thinks that retail will sell their bitcoin too early. It seems better just to hold.


Be an early adopter of projects

Crypto is fundamentally grassroots in nature.

This is a a good area for making really huge gains.

Information Asymmetry is important

If you find something that is fundamentally undervalued, the price correction on these assets happens like *snap*, whereas in the past, undervalued projects had to wait months for price correction.

When the narrative kicks in, things can shoot up really quickly.

In that sense, finding undervalued projects, and potentially salient narratives, that is really profitable.

Being able to understand what is a couple months down the line is really profitable.

Good books

Market Wizards (book)

Stuff about reflexivity

Soros on Soros: staying ahead of the curve

Memetic theory

The market is what other people see the market as

What communities are anti-fragile?

What ideas, that once sparked, will set off chain reactions?

People miss out on something (uniswap) and then ask “what’s the next this (uniswap)?” — and then this thing (one inch) pumps.

Respect the unknowability on things.
Put it on

The big money is definitely here.

In general, whenever the weekend is really weak, you have monday/tuesday moves higher. And whenever the weekend is really strong, you have moves down basically.

So the flow on the weekend is generally wrong relative to the rest of the week.

Lukso is gaining momentum quickly

It’s now in the top 10 NFTs by market cap.



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